As the ecosystems of Kamm began to develop, some populations of Radfting mamal would begin to go in a unique direction. While the local Noserps such as the Clongus and its descendants dominated most of the faunal niches, none of them can really take advantage of tough foods since they lack any jaws. This would leave to the evolution of the Sovanesti Mamal, which has evolved an extremely powerful bite to deal with tough foods. The Sovanesti Mamal primarily has a taste for carrion, often getting to a carcass after an Elongated clongus has eaten most of meaty parts. While the Sovanesti Mamal does feed upon the scraps of meat left behind, it mainly goes after the bones and the marrow within since these contain a lot of nutrients. Its beak, powered by huge jaw muscles, can snap these bones like twigs while the newly developed throat pouch covered in keratin plates helps process the bones into a mushy pulp that can then be easily digested. As they may get into confrontations with large predatory Noserps, the fur around the Sovanesti Mamal's head and shoulders have become thick and plate-like that allows them to resist being hit by mud pellets while their powerful jaws and sharp claws can make them not worth tackling.

While the Sovanesti Mamal does feed primarily upon carrion, it will often supplement its diet with other sources of food such as the many species of flora since their powerful jaws can help deal with bark just as well as bone. When carrion becomes extremely uncommon, however, the Sovanesti Mamal will turn towards hunting other organisms to get its supply of meat. This mainly takes form in it hunting down small critters such as the numerous "insects" or tiny Snufflers but it will also tackle large Noserps though only two species are targeted. The first is the relatively slow-moving Nostalgia, which the Sovanesti Mamal can simply crawl on and bite into their spine to disable it and then slowly eat it alive. The latter is the much smaller Shrumffler, which is small enough for the Sovanesti Mamal to overpower. With its particular lifestyle, the radiation organ of the Sovanesti Mamal is not really use often as a laser and is losing the capability to be used as a laser, but the organ itself is still kept large since it can help provide heat in the colder parts of the Sovanesti Mamal's range. Since lead is not as abundant in Kamm as it is on Dingus, the Sovanesti Mamal has transitioned to only having fur made of chitin while their beak contains more chitin instead of lead.

Close-up of a Sovanesti Mamal's head with the mouth closed.