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Compared to the ancestral Soopybell of which this organism has split off, the Soopywoorm is a much more active predator. To locomote, it undulates and contracts its muscle cells in the water column, facilitated by rows of cilia and longer cirri on the Soopyworm’s rear (they’re not flagella, i swear). The photoreceptors in the bruh cells lining its mouth are now specialized light-sensing cells themselves, able to detect visual information as blurry moving shapes, which is just enough for a predator of its caliber during this time. Once prey has been caught in the grasp of its oral rim, it is then swallowed whole - or if large enough (such as a very unfortunate Filtering Death Noodle), crudely torn into chunks by its mouth contractions. Once the Soopywoorm has consumed enough foodstuffs, it closes up its oral rim and digestive bruh cells are stimulated to douse the organism’s stomach contents in enzymes, which break them down to be absorbed by its cells. Waste products (spite or otherwise) are excreted via a pore surrounded by the rear locomotory cirri.

Like its ancestry, the Soopywoorm possesses an immunity to spite so it can digest spite-utilizing prey. However, it has also developed a resistance to the frequencies of the radiovermes it often consumes; now it has little worry of becoming ill after eating so many.

Gonopores surrounding the rear cirri expel gametes if a receptive mate has been detected, and when they conjugate, develop into larval Soopywoorms.