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With the glut of prey found within the environments it inhabits, some Sooperpoopycells took great advantage of the bounty as a population split off and became the Soopybells.

The Soopybell is a more definitive multicellular organism, possessing a variety of differentiated cells and tissues. The inside of the organism is lined with bruh-derived digestive cells, inundating any captured prey in a bath of enzymes to later be absorbed and processed. Bruh cells also make up the outer rim of the namesake bell, which combined with contractions from the asshole-derived muscular cells, can close up once sufficient prey is captured so that precious nutrients and enzymes are not spilled out. The poopy-derived locomotory cells have developed cilia in place of flagella, which vigorously beat the water more efficiently for an organism of its size. This is also advantageous because speed is no longer an issue for an organism which has no predators (yet).

Due to the proliferation of spite-utilizing plankton, the Soopybell has developed an immunity to the substance, ensuring that it won't be done in after consuming considerable concentrations of such cells.

New Soopybells are often budded off from the apex of the bell and resemble their immediate ancestry, albeit possessing cilia in the place of flagella. This difference ensures that larval Soopybells can make quick turns in pursuit of prey. Many larvae will be able to accrete enough energy to grow and multiply their cells to adulthood.