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1 July 2024

23 May 2024

  • curprev 17:2917:29, 23 May 2024OviraptorFan talk contribs 5,266 bytes +5,266 Created page with "{{Species |Title = Soopsips |Sciname = ''Soopypunctor spp.'' |Type = Fauna |Status = Extant |Creator = Chillypaz the Second |Artist = Chillypaz the Second |ID = 659 |Habitat = North Cold Ocean (except coastal HRI), Warm Ocean, South Cold Ocean |Size = 5.3-9.5 centimeters long |Diet = Carnivore (Soopierworms, Squigglets, young Ripplets, young Glurplets, larger Nomsprinkles, larger Speckguins, Insects which must logically exist to..."