Soaring Swarmgulper

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As the Sky Radawk thrived within 2s2tworld's skies, some begin to take advantage of the large swarms of aerial microbes that sometimes made up large potions of the sky and developed adaptations to take advantage of this relatively untapped resource. This would eventually give rise to the Soaring Swarmgulper, which has some noticeable differences from its ancestor. One such difference is the reduction of its hind limbs and tail, which have lost the ability to grasp things since they do not help in grabbing prey anymore. Their ability to stay in the via by creating thermals with their radioactive organ and then soar for long distances means the wing claws have nearly disappeared and the armor plating on their backs have reduced in size to save weight. The main business end of the Soaring Swarmgulper is their mouth, which has developed an extra jaw joint to extend their gape and thus consume larger amounts of prey at once. The Soaring Swarmgulper has also developed a prominent throat pouch to hold larger amounts of food that can then be digested within their gut. The Soaring Swarmgulper's hunting strategy is simple, they simply soar towards a swarm of microbes or towards a slow moving organism such as a Suspenwor or Baloon animal with their pouch wide open and then snapping their jaws shut. Unlike their ancestors, the young bud out ready to fly and thus no longer need to land somewhere to gain experience on thermal usage. The Soaring Swarmgulper has developed an immunity to spite, and as such happily consumes Worms of Inevitable Inconvenience and spheres of death since those do not exactly have many other defenses. The excess amounts of spite, along with the methane contained within these types of organisms, is excreted out through the Soaring Swarmgulpers passing gas.