The Snufflord is yet another example of the effects of uninterrupted radioactive exposure to Dingusian faunal genomes not descended from the Fusion Walker. Like with the unrelated Bug-Upper and presumably the terrestrial devilbruhs, exposure to a number of radioactive emissions has drastically mutated this stock of Snuffler into a shlocky, overwrought form which would feel right at home in a hollywood sci-fi epic.

Calling to mind the many great sandworms of fiction, the Snufflord is an imposing beast with a similarly grand appetite, making short work of the biota found in the Dingus Desert. Utilizing a deadly combination of quatripartite jaws, muscular inner mouth linings covered in copious teeth, and a potent bath of digestive enzymes as provided by a species of radiation-resistant Bruh Within, not much of anything can survive a confrontation against the mighty Snufflord. Against the inevitable confrontation with radfauna, the Snufflord is fortified with an array of plumbokeratin plates, serving well in taking blows from deadly lasers. Also reinforced with lead are sets of claw tipped nubbins not only adept at “swimming” through vast dunes in paddle-like strokes, but at the right moment can parry the beams from its prey.

Sporting a degree of surprising elegance, the Snufflord bears a set of fluttery eyelashes for keeping its spectacles free of sand and similar debris.

The Snufflord is oviviparous - incubating its eggs within its insides until the hatchlings are ready to emerge into a harsh, irradiated world. Meeting the light of the sun at just 10 cm long, the hatchlings have a long journey to reach adult size, as there will be many hazards face - even of their own.