Sneaky Doom

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Following the evolution of the Dark Cold Doom, a group of Cold Dooms decided that instead of speeding up, they would opt for camouflage and generally avoiding being killed by predators, becoming mostly transparent. They are far slower than its relatives, though also more unnoticeable, feeding on mainly Carl and Charles, as they can heat up the ice to both enter and exit the water. their cells are able to change their transparency and color thanks to a special organelle, which has allowed some to absorb light and convert it into energy using a different organelle, effectively making them able to photosynthesize. Their eye has a much wider range to look for predators, and when they do detect predators, they tend to morph into a shape that more closley resembles their environment, or just straight up turns into a sort of ramp to send Dark Cold Dooms flying. If this doesn't work, they can convert the light they collect into radiation, which they are immune to, and kill off the cells of the predator, often deterring them.