Slithering Voidstar

The spores of a Void Worm and Swarming Void Schattolauren met in the vacuum of space, and matured into a hybrid of the two with a radically different lifestyle known as the Slithering Voidstar. As their name suggests, they slither around the surface of Void Schattolaurens, their eye facing directly upwards to look for predators, as they rely entirely on other senses to feel their environment out of view. They have the fins of a Swarming Void Schattolauren and the body of a Void Worm, a single digit being visible on each arm. They lack the dots of lights, though do retain the light strips of the Swarming Void Schattolauren, which they usually use to tell predators to go away, before fleeing if they get too close. They move using their tail and fins in the vacuum, and love tight crevices, often going to one when they seek safety for one reason or another. Their fins are full of nerve and are coated in taste buds, which they use to feel for food. They swallow food whole, so they most commonly eat dead organic matter on Void Schattolaurens, though sometimes eat smaller organisms. If they detect food, they will scrunch back, before slamming their face down on what they think is food, then begin enveloping it. If they cannot fit their entire face around it, they will let go, and are vulnerable during their entire eating process.