Skyscraper branchnolm

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Quite a bit taller than their companions, skyscraper branchnolms regularly stick out between the groves of their smaller relatives, housing many a grappleclong and numerous “insects” within their canopies. They are the second variety of inland tree on the temperate island of Kamm.

Skyscraper branchnolms are opportunists. When planted, they shoot upwards relatively quickly, growing upwards without creating a single branch or leaf until about 18 meters up, at which point the meristem splits up into numerous branches terminating in leafy, sporophore-bearing heads, dramatically slowing the nolm’s upward growth. This adaptation protects them from being easily browsed on by large herbivores, although it does provide a tactical advantage for the grappleclongs and treels, with arboreal clonguses tending to cluster near these trees to better avoid ground-dwelling predators. Skyscraper branchnolms have long and feathery single-pronged sporophores, which often droop near the top when they are full of seeds.

Other than these differences, skyscraper branchnolms are fairly similar to their ancestors.

Floral head of the skyscraper branchnolm.