Sky Radawk

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Some populations of Radon shifted towards hunting prey that only live in the sky, which meant they needed to remain airborne for long periods and so got much bigger. This lead to them becoming the Sky Radawk, which no longer even comes down to the ground as adults since their ability to create thermals with their radioactive organ meant they can use very little energy to stay in the air. As most of their prey is around a meter long and can be killed with their hind limbs and anus(which still acts like a hand) or their serrated bill, they have stopped using their radioactive organ for hunting and they are at the top of their respective food chain which means using it for defense is not needed either. The Sky Radawk still has a mostly internalized exoskeleton to help support muscles and not restrict movement. When youngsters bud out of an adult, they are not as well experienced with creating thermals and thus need to rest on flora and rocks early one as they get used to their wings. Because of this, adults will return to the skies around Dingus before budding out their young so the young Sky Radawks are able to gain experience before they too take to the air for good.