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As the Scrungulating Barkfish and its vore-committing relative began to thrive, competition would soon push them into stranger and stranger niches. Enter the skrangler, the upside down member of the family. Of first and foremost note is its ‘exoskeleton’, the bark has thickened into a thick layer of woody flesh that’s nearly impenetrable by other organisms of similar size, this does limit the size of prey it may consume however as it has no ability to chew…yet. The skrangler uses its flexible and soft fin-rays to crawl on the seabed and essentially slurps up sufficiently slow moving prey with its long, muscular lips, soft prey can be squished up within the stomach, but prey with large amounts of support like bones or exoskeletons must be below 30 centimeters or the skrangler risks a fatal breakage of its theca. Though the skrangler uses the same blue pigments as its floral relatives, they do not have any containments and are free within the cells and unable to gather any energy from light. The one exception to this is their eyes, though they are blue-colorblind they still have fairly improved vision, even their lower eye has been developed further because it’s better to have two eyes rather than one. Not to forget this, the skrangler still has fairly well developed jet propulsion, it can only propel itself for 5 or so seconds before it needs to refill, thus it jumps forward in short bursts to swim. Skranglers do not do this for long as it is tiring and their guts may accidentally be evacuated of their contents if the jets are used too intensely.

A top view showing the wideness of the skrangler.