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Image note: M'ungus included in picture is solely for scale.

Long are the days of eating stupid organic material; you can just feed on the gosh darn sun! The Piss Aids have diversified into a much more slowly growing species; the Silicgrass. Theyve developed solar panel like structures that can harvest the energy of the sun, letting them forgo organic material. Now, all they need is enough metal to start reproducing. Their spore cannons have greatly been reduced, as making a significant amount of nanobot spore swarms is too costly.

Life cycle:[edit]

First, after finding a suitable area, they start breaking down minerals to start reproducing. Then, as soon as a decent amount of nanobots are made, they set out to construct solar panels to provide energy for the entire colony. They grow slowly.

Next, after infecting a sizeable area, they start building 'spore canons' in order to release more and more nanobots to colonize new areas.