Shadee Canaree

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With the success of the Nomboo, much of the floor and understory of Dingus Jungle is cast with little-interrupted shadow. With little sunlight reaching that far down, most other flora are restricted to areas not as dense with Nomboo, where conditions are substantially sunnier. A few flora did manage to stick around however, and there they have adapted into forms distinct from their ancestry; the Shadee Canaree is an example hailing from canartree stock.

Female Shadee Canarees have made a number of adaptations for life under Nomboo shadows. Their feathery fronds are broader and somewhat amber-like in color to make the most of their photosynthetic potential, mostly because much of the light that reaches that far is blue light reflected by the Nomboo.

Growth involves the sequential development and shedding of fronds, with newer fronds developing close to the flower. To minimize exposure to radiation, older fronds are severed once newer fronds have sufficiently developed. The female’s stem is covered in a cuticle of lead, further shielding from radiation.

Males have changed somewhat little from their ancestry, save for a horizontally-pupiled eye keen to light contrast and color, and a broad tail-foot to help stabilize in the air.

Mating is also similar to the Shadee Canaree’s ancestry - except that males also carry fertilized spores as well as exchange gametes. On the females’ end, the flower is advertised by a set of four vivid turquoise petals.

A male Shadee Canaree.