Serpents of Celestial Herbivory

As time went on and Worms of Inevitable Inconvenience pestered Nanosophonts on and on, eventually causing one group near 2s2t to break, capturing a few individuals and killing all others they see, and modified the ones they had captured into a nearly unrecognizable species known as the Serpents of Celestial Herbivory. They are far larger than their ancestor due to their diet and artificial nature, and exist all over the solar system thanks to Why and Migratory Pissbacks. The Sunlight Serpent and Midnight Serpent are not different sexes, castes, ect, and are instead a bizarre form of dimorphism forced upon them by their creators, and just have a chance of growing into either or with no affect on their young. The two behave drastically differently, even preferring different food items that fit their behavior. Sunlight Serpents are very active and are always on the look for usually large Piss Flora to latch onto and cut and swallow chunks of using their sideways jaws. Midnight Serpents, however, are more like ambush predators, remaining motionless for extended periods of time until mobile prey, such as a Paper Peelane, comes into view, which then they spring into action, mounting it and using their jaws to rip chunks of flesh of them and swallowing it. Their main collections also help with these lifestyles, however one thing that is not known the use of is the Sunlight Serpent's blue and the Midnight Serpent's blue-green secondary colors, as they seem to be no more than an indication of their presence.

Their jaws are a new, useful feature given to them by the Nanosophonts, which allows them to bite predators and prey alike. They are very sharp, especially in the Sunlight Serpent, and are tough so that they easily pierce the flesh of their food, and don’t fracture while doing so. Their jaws are connected by muscular structures that are in a sort of v-shape while at rest, and extend out very quickly to bite. The Sunlight Serpent's are shear-like, as to help bite large chunks of flesh out, while the Midnight Serpent's are more toothy, allowing them to grip and tear out chunks, both of these mouths being used against predators if they feel threatened. While the horns and other things on them may be no more than intimidation, the Midnight Serpent's grow on their bottom side, allowing them to be used like weird claws or legs to grip onto larger prey. Sunlight Serpents are known to sometimes get lost in eating away at the Ureust covering Migratory Pissbacks, and thus are found in the Void Belt. Midnight Serpents overall have a wider range than Sunlight Serpents, as the range of Why goes beyond just the Void Belt and Piss Belt, and there's even food for them around 2s2t in the form of ROCKET PISS.