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As time passed, Black Lithosemoeba began covering themselves in more and more metals that they have consumed, as well as sending some of their colony into the ground to function as roots, eventually resulting in the Semacoral. Due to mature colonies being covered in the waste they produce, making them rough, uneven, and not easy to pierce, they have lost their ability to reproduce via mitosis after settling down, instead resulting entirely on broadcast spawning and fragmentation. They are slightly rarer than their ancestor was, and as a result, grow larger colonies and are darker in coloration, and also reproduce somewhat more often. when a colony is young, it is motile and cells can reproduce via mitosis, and once they settle down, their waste begins covering their colony, and some of them force their way into the ground, functioning kinda like roots to get the minerals they need to survive. As their colonies slowly cover themselves in their mineralized waste, they are often irregular, making finding two identical ones nearly impossible, and making them often look like rocks on the ocean floor.