Scrunching Bruh

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Some Bruh Cells never used their noses or teeth much to catch prey, instead becoming so long they managed to scrunch up their bodies into a nearly exact holeless doughnut shape, leading to Scrunching Bruh. The Scrunching Bruh is a benthis ambush predator that is generally found scrunched up, as its name suggest, as it uses its six eyes to detect if something is close enough to strike. If they detect prey, they will unscrunch their bodies to catch their prey with their teeth, which they will then repeat this motion until they fully engulf it, but if they cannot, they will let go. Due to how they are, sexual reproduction is necessary to not compete with each other, coming in the form of broadcast spawning, which involves them releasing several different kinds of gametes into the water, each only producing one kind each occasion. If two compatible gametes meat, they will form an egg and find a good spot to settle, before becoming a new Scrunching Bruh. If they are targeted by a predator, they will let go of whatever they're trying to eat and swim off in a motion similar to an eel.