Scaleface Noodle

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While for a period of time they used to be among some of the largest organisms to have swam the seas, the Death Noodles have since become outclassed on several orders of magnitude by other groups of organsims, including their own relatives known as the Soopyfauna. Because of this, Death Noodles for the most part had been pushed into obscurity, but the diversification of plankton eventually gave the Filtering Death Noodle a chance to become more prominent and so they took it. To do so, they transitioned into becoming fully multicellular, with their singular bruh head becoming a head made of hundreds of bruh-derived cells which may at first look like scales. This is why the new taxon these Filtering Death Noodles gave rise to are known as the Scaleface Noodle. Scaleface Noodles undulate in an eel-like motion as they suck in plankton-filled water which is then filtered through their needle-like teeth so that water is released and prey is trapped so it can then be swallowed. The Asshole-derived cells had given rise to several segments that are covered in cilia, which partially assist in locomotion but not by very much. The Poop-derived cells stayed as two segments, though the flagella provide more help with locomotion than the cilia on the Asshole-derived cells but can also distract small predators and tempt them to attack them instead of the Scaleface Noodle's actual body. If the attacker grabs the flagella, they can break off and thus allow the Noodle to escape. The Scaleface Noodle still stores spite in their tissues to deter predators from attacking them. While the Scaleface Noodle primarily relies on two large eyespots to navigate, each of the bruh-derived cells that make up their head still have two small eyespots which still provide some extra visual input though more info is simply taken in by the Noodle's main eyes. The Scaleface Noodle has partially developed counter shading, since being merely blue would no longer help them hide from predators.