Savage Devilbruh

From 2speccers2tools wiki

In search of food, a group of Devilbruhs fused with an Asshole cell and developed limb-like protrusions from their cell that can function just like legs, which they can use in combination with their small tail fin to crawl on a surface. Their cell membrane is no longer transparent and is very good at containing water, which helps them out on land, where they can survive pretty much anywhere. They are very good jumpers, their legs being positioned in a way while walking on them that allows them to jump forward with such great force it can pierce armor. To better protect itself on land, it has evolved some more spikes, but also forms hardened spite on their body that protects their almost hide-like membrane them from attacks. This forms all over their body, thigh generally starts on their back and face, and spreads over the course of their life. As they are kinda one with an Asshole Cell, they can fix nitrogen, and derive some nutrients from it.