Rot-mouthed canary plant

From 2speccers2tools wiki

Developing in response to mockanary shrub’s mimicry, the rot-mouthed canary plant has developed not only its own signal, but also a new way to obtain nutrition: the females of the rot-mouthed canary plant produce a foul, corpse-like stench in their mouthes attracting scavenging microfauna and males alike, and as soon as an organism wanders in, it is snapped up with a quick, sudden closure of the jaw and digested, while most organisms that end up in this position cannot fly however, the males of the rot-mouthed canary plant can access a small pore at the back of the trap’s roof, and lay down their gametes there, before dying and dropping into the digestive chamber below (male canaries of other species simply eventually die of exhaustion), males locate these mostly by scent, but have still developed a very simple eye to determine night vs day (males become inactive at night to preserve energy), but are immune to the visual mimicry of the mockanary bush. The males have lost their foot as they never need to actually land, though males end up attracted to and consume a small amount of carrion due to the similarity of the scent to the female’s mouth flower. Otherwise the rot-mouthed canary plant is very much like the Dimorphic Canary Plant from whence it came.