Rooty Topknot

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With the evolution of the Pissgrove, some populations of Stalked Piss Reed would begin to use the trees to their own advantage. This lead to them growing on the root systems of the trees, which meant they did not need to worry about having their leaves being submerged underwater and it additionally gave them some distance from the background radiation from the Spotted Radiomolds and so less lead was needed in their tissues overall. However, their large size meant the piss flora may end up falling off the roots and into the water under their own weight, so the Stalked Piss Reeds growing on Pissgrove roots developed a mechanism that gave them support, but it meant they needed lead which they ended up taking from the very trees they grew on. This resulted in the evolution of the Rooty Topknot, which does have a much shorter stem than their ancestor, but more importantly have their roots grow into the roots of the Pissgroves. This not only helps hold the flora in place, but it also allows the Rooty Topknot to leech the Pissgrove roots for their lead. While they take in some lead and incorporate it within their own tissues, most of the lead the Rooty Topknot takes gets secreted out of their small stem which thus forms something that could be described as half-trunk, half-shell that helps provide support for the Rooty Topknot's large photosynthetic leaf. Much like their ancestor, the Rooty Topknot releases a large amount of spores at once, with most individuals in the area doing it at the same time. This often means the air can become yellow in piss spores when Rooty Topknots breed along the coast.