Rocket Schattolauren

With so much food now being available for Schattolaurens, there was certainly going to be a basal group that took advantage of this, though something that was not anticipated was the fact that they hybridized with the Paper Peelane, giving them a crimson red rocket trail coming from their backside. Rocket Schattolaurens may be smaller than their ancestor, though make up for this with their faster speeds and more food being available to them, and how they will still eat flora in their ambush phase. They have turned a brownish color due to influences from the Paper Peelane genes that added a bit of bright yellow to them. Oddly, they now only have three sexes that form a sort of triangle, every gender being able to reproduce with the other two, but not themselves. The three genders are characterized by their max speed, each being slightly different, and is how they decide mates. Two Rocket Schattolauren will race each other, which if one is faster than the other, they will release their spores beside each other, though if they are the same speed, they will either disengage, or attack each other. They usually do this in their ambush phase if two individuals meet, making it more likely that they will reproduce. They will avoid creatures such as SoIF, Omega Oblilauren, and Vandalauren when in their grazing phase, as if they do not, they may get attacked while eating. Their fame is very bright, being able to outshine the lights of Void Schattolaurens and their kin, and makes fora great last ditch effort to avoid getting eaten if trapped, as it is very hot. These flames are fueled by the same gasses their ancestors used to float on 2s2t.

They still go through the three phases as their ancestor - hibernation, grazing, and ambushing.