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The Radioweed evolved from Radiobushes who became smaller to take up less space and also require less resources. The Radioweeds are very similar to their ancestor in many aspects, such as the cell wall-like structures and the lead around their cell's nuclei to protect them from their own radiation. The Radioweed gets their energy from sunlight, radiation, and taking in ambient amounts of spite from the air, much like their ancestors and relatives. The Radioweeds have also developed more leaf-like lobes for an even larger surface area to get more energy and a rhizome-like structure to get better grip in the soil. The Radioweed still produces adhesive secretion, but no longer uses them to stick to solid surfaces. Instead, the Radioweeds secrete the adhesive substances from their many lobes to stop things such as the Horrible Baloon from ripping them apart. The species also produces proper spores, which get carried by the wind and land somewhere else to become new Radioweeds. The Radioweeds directly compete with the pissbabies of both the Pissing Sky Bush and the Horrible Piss Bush, and while the Horrible Piss Bush is able to hold their ground due to their resistance to radiation the already rare Pissing Sky Bush has become extinct in the region. With the extinction of the Pissing Sky Bush in the Horrible Rectangle Island Tundra and the Horrible Baloon being better adapted to the new ecosystem overall, the baloon animal has also gone extinct in the area.