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With the high abundance of Radioflora and nothing around to eat them, they presented an opportunity for things that evolved to feed on them. One of the species best suited to feed upon them would, ironically, be one of their own. This presented itself when some Crawling Radioplates began to shift away from eating dead radioflora and stuff like that and started to eat living radioflora and piss flora and eventually became the Radiomite. Ratiomites climb onto flora species using their plumbochitin claws before placing their facial tendrils on edible tissue. Once they latch on, they slowly dissolve bits of the radioflora/piss flora and absorb the resulting liquid through their tissues until they eat their fill. When they are no longer hungry, the Radiomite will let go and crawl back down. Although they get most of their energy from this diet, Radiomites still get energy from radiation and taking in ambient levels of spite. If Radiomites come across a carcass, they will also latch onto those and feed upon them as well. In a similar fashion to their ancestors, the Radiomite has small clones of themselves bud out of their rear end, before crawling away to live on their own.