Radiodurus minimae

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Radiodurans minimae is a strange cell, it absorbs water through it's cell membrane, which makes its way to the white water stockpiles, which look similar to a tube with a bulbous tip. Inside the tip of these vacuoles, all the water is stored. While passing through the white tubes that attach the water stockpiles with the red fusion chamber, the H²O gets broken into hydrogen, hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen gets diffused into the cytoplasm, and Carbon Dioxide is released. After passing through the white tubular organelles, the two hydrogen atoms go into the red 'fusion chamber', called the isotoconvertor. They go deeper into the isotoconverter, where they get closer to the electromagnetic fields the mitochondria produce. These mitochondria get energy from detritus consumed by their host, which though it is energy, it is useless for the bacterium. This energy gets stockpiled into the mitochondria that use it for hydrogen fusion, after this cold fusion, the helium atoms pass through a green organelle, which diffuses the helium, and sends the energy toward the nucleus, which sends the energy to all the organelles.