With the high levels of background radiation existing in space, and nothing taking advantage of it, some Giant Void Schattolauren began turning it into energy, giving away their photosynthetic abilities in return, though also resulted in a rather bizarre case of neoteny. Radiocoons, as their name suggests, are fully mature in their cocoon stage, never breaking out of it unless specific chemicals are given by an external force, like axolotls on earth. Interestinly, they develop large, brown, stone-like growths on their surface, likely for protection, and their juveniles are born half the size of their ancestor, and may shrink in their cocoon if they get too big. They do not need to form their cocoon on one of their relatives anymore, instead now being able to do so on space debris and other large organisms like Ultra Dooms and Migratory Pissbacks, and remain connected to a surface thanks to what looks like a giant gastropod foot, but is in fact part of their cocoon. Their entire cocoon, including the stony growths, are made our of organic substances able to absorb radiation and spite, allowing them to live their entire life in this state. While they have gained the ability to produce and release spores in this stage, they have to make a wound in their cocoon to do so successfully, else they may become swolen, and possibly explode, greatly damaging themselves. Interestingly, pieces cut from their cocoon can grow into a new adult, which is strange considering it contains barely any organs.