Radfting mamal

From 2speccers2tools wiki

This species of mamal is more advanced. They now have a bigger and non-toenail-shaped brain (unlike those of ""BUG""s) and hunt in packs. They are famous for their sickle shaped claws, which they use to link up with other radfting mamals in the water in order to form huge rafts. This way they can team up and obliterate large marine fauna with their gamma ray beams. These raft-packs hunt in the southern ocean and have come across two other landmasses. They are still decent at moving on land though their claws get in the way. They also have skin over their teeth-like beak for protection, even though their beak is literally made of lead compounds and is already protected enough. Their lead fur is more dense and helps them stay afloat in the water, and it can still be shed in favor of chitin fur like in their ancestors. They don't burrow as often but otherwise they are like their ancestors.