With the sudden diversification of life on Cube, some surviving populations of Ma'am begun adapting to the more diverse ecosystem, eventually resulting in the Quad-Eared Ma'am. They get their name from their strange extra pair of ears, which are actually structures derived from hardened skin that resembles their ears, though serve the same function, and can move the same way thanks to the muscles they're connected to. Their ears are also somewhat more advanced in general, which helps them detect predators and other things much more easily. As a result of the mycelium and much of the flora being taller than them,they have become an orangeish color with a tan underside, which helps them remain camouflaged. They have become more fluffy than their ancestor, and can make it all stand on end to make themselves look bigger than they actually are. Since they feed on many more kinds of flora, some of which being much larger than them, they have developed a larger, stronger jaw with teeth designed for tearing and grinding plant matter better. Their nose has also adapted to be able to differentiate the myceliym covering the forest floor from other things on it, which may help them find food, predators, or even another Member of their species. They have developed claws from ossified skin at the end of each limb, and use these to help dig, and since there's so much mycelium from Crystal Piss flora, they have developed to use specialized teeth and the front of their mouth to chew through it, and even eat it. They have developed odd, almost finger-like protrusions from the sides of their feet, which are used for better grip on surfaces, and can also be used for various other purposes, such as shoveling dirt or gripping onto other individuals. They often dig burrows for themselves, which they store food and other things in, and also smear the inside and outside with their stench to let others know they live here. Each individual has their own unique smell they use to mark their territory, which they do so via either just releasing waste there, or rolling around the place for a bit so their body odor sticks. During their mating season, they often look for the odor of other individuals, which this is so they can find a mate. If two or more individuals find themselves wanting to mate with the same individual, they may fight over dominance with their teeth, attempting to get the other one to back down so they can mate with the one they had the to eyes on.