Puddling Dingus Lithosemoeba

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With the success of the Dingus Lithosemoeba, some started developing in ways that made them even more likely to survive, such as developing a new toxin and changing where they release their pellets, eventually resulting in the Puddling Dingus Lithosemoeba. They have become more adapted to cold environments, though as a result have locked themselves out of the northern area of Dingus, though some are still capable of living in the southern area of the Dingus Desert. They are much better at holding in water, their indent even being expanded to trap more water they can absorb into the colony later, which helps them live in relatively dry environments, such as Dingus Desert. Their coloration is thanks to a bright red pigment their cells produce, and doesn't just serve as camouflage, but also warns potential predators of their toxicity, as they now produce a poisonous compound in their cells for defense. This toxin doesn't quite kill predators, though it can irritate the inside and outside of organisms, and makes them rather bitter-tasting for larger organisms, though can potentially make smaller creatures pass out, if not overwhelmed with pain first. As stated before, the spot their pellets come out has changed, and is in a more specialized spot now, that being the area that appears to be dragging behind the rest of the colony. Their pellets have become more rough and jagged, oddly enough, and almost as shiny as metal. They have caused their ancestor to become much rarer in much of their range, if not caused them to become locally extinct, like in the southern area of the Dingus Desert.