Prickly Schattolauren

There are many predators in the Void Belt, meaning Leafy Schattolauren have many threats to worry about, and barely any defenses other than their speed, though, some began developing many of their lobes into spikes, causing them to speciate. Prickly Schattolauren are smaller than their ancestor, though are covered in many spikes, defending them from predators that may try attacking them from behind, or just a general area of their body, meaning they are less likely to get eaten, though are sill vulnerable to things like Scythe Worms. Instead of turning into spikes, the lobes on their fingers developed claws, which it can use to fight back against predators if the spikes don't affect them. They are more active than their ancestor, which helps avoid predation, and makes it so that they have to eat more often. They sometimes huddle into masses of spikes, either casually or defensively, which usually better defends them from attackers. They no longer eat detritus, as it seems a bit redundant to eat organic matter shredded into tiny bits at their size. With many of their leaves being replaced with spikes, they decided to increase the size of their limbs to give them a greater surface area.