Prickly Pissbush

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With the diversification of Nomflora and Canarflora providing a large amount of competition and the rise of radfauna being a problem, piss flora as a whole have nearly died out on Dingus. Only the Pissing Sky Bush remained and even they were declining, so the populations on Dingus would evolve into a new species. The Prickly Pissbush had incorporated lead into their cells to resist the ambient radiation produced by Radfauna. The Prickly Pissbush pissbabies grow in whatever places they can, usually growing in small clearings within the Dingus Forest and Dingus Jungle where light comes down through the canopy. Prickly Pissbush pissbabies do particularly well at the edges of the Dingus Tundra and Dingus Desert where most of their competition becomes uncommon though they do not live within the interior of those two biomes. As they grow, the pissbabies take in ambient levels of spite for energy and incorporating it into their cells to deter predators. High concentrations of lead and spite are stored at the tips of their leaves, the leaves acting like sharp thorns to jab into anything that tries to take a bite out of them. Once the helium sack grows large enough, the Prickly Pissbush will take to the air and become mature adults. Adult Prickly Pissbushes still blast out streams of spores downwards to increase the chances of their young growing in a favorable spot.