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Poolyps are strange descendants of the Grappling Poop String, currently coating the shallows of the warm ocean nice and carpet-like where most other flora isn’t: the rocks. Poolyps have specialized enough that their cells forms a single organism rather than being a distinct entity. Like their ancestor they grab small fauna out of the water column, but their flagella have been traded for more robust tentacles of cellular makeup, allowing them to more effectively capture prey when it comes by, prey is phagocytosed into the upper-trunk cell and digested in there. They use some limited photosynthesis, but do still need to eat every so often, at the least taking in organic nutrients like phosphates and nitrogenous compounds through their cell membrane as ‘fertilizer’. Reproduction occurs when an individual sheds its crown of tentacles and the second, waiting pair is moved up to replace them when they divide to make another set of latent cells that will inevitably replace them. These fragments will attach to the seabed and divide to create another whole organism, relying on photosynthesis and ambient nutrients in the water to sustain themselves before they develop their first true crown of tentacles. The Poolyp’s crown shows 8-sided symmetry, having 8 tentacles in total, while the cellular components are similarly arranged like this. Due to its smaller size and heterotrophy, the poolyp can coexist with Turdturf fields, though this lightly interrupts their photoreceptors, they manage to do fine.