Pissier plaguier

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Pissier plaguier developed when some Leafwing Goldy had decided to go inside a piss palm, within they found a veritable treasure trove of food, abandoned their photosynthetic life, and developed a new feeding strategy. It uses its sharp silica spines derived from the serrations on one wing to slice up the insides of piss flora (doing so in a circular pattern and ensuring the silicated side is the one always contacting cells with its off-center flagellum) and then absorbs the resulting bath of nutrients, individually this pissier plaguieir only causes minor damage, but in more severe infestations it can cause widespread necrosis and eventual death. Which with their recent eviction from Dingus may just be kicking the group while its down. While most piss flora grows fast enough to combat this, the largest species of piss flora take too long to grow to sexual maturity, and thus the following species have gone extinct locally on Oofle beach: Bigger piss palm, Uhh, Tall Piss Palm, and UM, while SUPER LASER uuh. has gone completely extinct.