Piss monke

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The Giant piss eaters no longer have such a peacefull quite planetary belt liek they used to, having to constantly migrate the opposite side of the world to avoid oblivion in the recycler of worlds is tiring work. After seeing the pee stringer creating massive web structures in space many were drawn to the peace and quite that is litteral space. Once climbed up there a gradual but powerful transformation i nthier evolution took place, that is becoming monke. Piss monkes are monke colurd but still possess their piss stained eyes. Thier claws are now arms used for climbing on the pee string ropes and their jaw legs are capable of holding things such as food. Their back end witch has 2 previously useless legs now has the legs work like an extra hand on its now tial like back end. Since they are still rockit descended life they can effortlessly travel to a different web if need be.