The Piss Towertree evolved from populations of Thorny Pisstowers that took their reproductive balloons to a whole new level within the "Dingus Scrub". Instead of merely developing one, the Piss Towertree grows between 2-4 individual pissballoons which will break off individually and then grow back throughout the year. During times of abundant rain, the individual balloons can regrow in a matter of a month but times of drought will see their growth slow by a significant margin. When the pissballoon did break off from the Piss Towertree, they would be much like other pissballoons in this lineage where they spray spores all over the place until they ran out of spores where they then die soon after. Aside from this new reproductive strategy, the Piss Towertree retains many of the same adaptations of their ancestor, where the piss flora has large, lead-filled thorns that deter most turdles from eating it and taking in ambient levels of spite for energy and incorporating it within their tissues for further defenses. Much like their ancestor, the Piss Towertree does not die when its pissballoons break off. While their tough exteriors means they retain water pretty well and thus do better in deserts than most other species of flora on the continent, their large size means they require too much energy to form stable populations within the Desert's interior. The Piss Towertree does, however, thrive along their edges and are a pretty common sight in the "Dingus Scrub" which was the environment they have primarily adapted to live in instead.