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15 September 2023

  • curprev 16:1716:17, 15 September 2023OviraptorFan talk contribs 2,112 bytes +2,112 Created page with "{{Species |Title = Piss Towertree |Sciname = ''Megaloturris multavesica'' |Type = Flora |Status = Extant |Creator = OviraptorFan |Artist = OviraptorFan |ID = 422 |Habitat = Dingus Forest(edges), Dingus Jungle(edges), Dingus Desert(edges) |Size = 5-6 meters tall, 1 meter wide breeding balloons |Diet = photosynthesis, pure spite-ivore |Reproduction = Fragmentation from popping, piss spores pissed on the ground, budding from the roots |Ancestor = Greater Pisstower |Desc..."