Piss Hawk

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As Cube's piss plants began to diversify, the new abundance of flying prey meant a relatively untapped source of food for anything that can tackle them, and so it was only a matter of time that something would fill that niche. This came in the form of the Piss Hawk, which evolved from piss plants that began to prey on their close kin along with other flying organsims. Unlike almost every other species of piss plant up to this point, the Piss Hawk does not root itself to the ground at all, not even during the day. Instead, they spend most of their time resting among the leafs in the piss flora canopy, soaking in sunlight through their wings as they sleep through the day. When night comes around, they will spring into action and fly into the under story. While they do still partially rely on their chemoreceptive feathers to navigate mid-flight, the Piss Hawk has also developed 6 simple eye spots to help detect movement. This adaptation allows them to help hunt things like flying box fauna who have well-developed sight, plus it gives them a distinct advantage over its eyeless relatives. When they spot prey, the Piss Hawk will swoop in and use their parrot-like beak to crush the other organism. Between hunts, the Piss Hawk will land on piss trees and other large piss flora to rest, using their calcified claws to hold on as well as their former root system which has since re-evolved to function like a leg with two "toes" that help hold onto the trunk. Being large for a unicellular organism, the Piss Hawk needs to eat regularly to keep its metabolic functions running.