Piss Aids

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First appearing as a mishap of cloning, some of the piss child's immune system turned into a cancer, only really showing signs of infection when its too late, in adult hood. This allowed a sizeable population to propogate and be able to spread. It affects the SIFs because their farming quotas cant be reached as easily anymore :((.

Eventually, they adapted to be able to spread to new hosts, through building spore cannons that they send nanobot clouds through, shooting with a fair bit of velocity. This allows them to not only feast on other Machine Fauna, but debris and asteroids that have piss flora growing on it. They require organic compounds for fuel, in order to function. Just like their ancestors. (Note: they cannot use sunlight as an energy source... yet....) Another big development was that sometimes they infect the thrusters of Piss children and escaped DPMs, allowing them to spew insane amounts of nanobots to swarm things.

Life cycle:[edit]

First, after finding a suitable area, they start breaking down minerals and organic compounds for fuel, and start reproducing. Next, after infecting a sizeable area, they start building 'spore canons' in order to release more and more nanobots to colonize new areas. Then, if the host is a DPM or Piss child, and they arent already dead yet, they can start infecting their thrusters to produce even more nanobot swarms.

Second part of the Piss Aids life cycle, with the nanobot-spore cannons.
Third part of the Piss Aids life cycle that is only occasionally reached, with the thrusters becoming part of the spore cannons.