Paper Peelane

From 2speccers2tools wiki

This species of peelane has shruken in order to reach sexual maturity faster, and has thus replaced the gigantic Peelane which was unable to compete. They live all over dead piss planets flying freely and soaking up the sun. They now have a bioelectric organ in order to set their spores on fire, creating an actual rocket to help them go even faster. They still have a tiny spore producing branch on the bottom so that they can reproduce. They have thinner wings which it controls using hydraulic movements so that it does not crash into other paper peelanes. Paper peelanes occasionally travel to piss comets, but they are too small for them to stay for long. The corpses of piss planets are now littered with the corpses of paper peelanes. Paper peelanes also occasionally land and use their wings to suck up water and nutrients from the surface of dead piss planets so that they stop defying the laws of thermodynamics as much.