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It is inevitable that the glass floras’ age of total dominance would soon meet an end, the first signs of which are brought about by the Panesmashers.

These specialist IWMLEtMaB derivatives are finely equipped for taking on their preferred meal. The lid is hardened, complete with a hammer-like projection for shattering chunks off of most glass flora, and shock-absorbing tissues for withstanding the blow. To grind up any resulting fragments, these organisms employ molar-like chitin-silicate projections on the lid and inside the mouth - using the former to scoop up this glassy bounty and then using specialized muscles to grind this against the latter. Species of The Bruh Within adapted to breaking down chitin and silicates thrive in Panesmasher guts and ensure the pre-digested pieces don't damage their hosts’ insides too much.

Panesmasher eyes are keen at distinguishing these transparent flora from the environment.

For smaller varieties such as Jagged Pain and Rooted Glass, a Panesmasher species of sufficient size could simply graze over them. Giants like the Bigger Glass Pane often attract Panesmashers of at least three species into congregations, momentarily working together to fell it with their lid-mallets, feast on the bounty, and eventually disperse.

Reproduction involves two Panesmashers of a single species to link up gonophores, exchanging gametes. A fertile Panesmasher will then lay a clutch of eggs on the soil, hatching into nymphs.