The Pacskrounge, as its name suggests, eats a lot and is bright yellow to camouflage in piss flora, due to its high metabolism it is near-constantly being driven to eat (though not necessarily in need of such constant feeding), one of the reasons for its better camouflage is its ovivorous habits, consuming primarily the eggs of other skroungersaurs, it has also developed its pharyngeal jaw to allow it to exploit its mixed diet effectively. The outer jaw’s teeth are spiny and needle-like for snatching up small prey and keeping it held, while the inner jaw can crush bones and egg shells. To prevent its own eggs from being eaten, the Pacskrounge has developed great parental care, individuals burying their spiny eggs underground (the spines and burying further prevent predation by other Pacskrounges) and then standing guard until the young hatch. Packsckrounge move with kangaroo-like bounding rather than simply walking and running like a normal animal because that’d be boring.