Ooflian Poopenblade

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While the waterways of Dingus boast the greatest diversity of freshwater biota on 2s2tworld, it wouldn't take long for the riverine systems of the other landmasses to follow suit; slowly but surely, these too will host their own, unique assemblages of freshwater life - this process of course starting with simple flora. In the waterways of equatorial Oofle, the Ooflian Poopenblade is a fine example of this; although ancestrally a marine flora (and some populations still are), it exhibits a few adaptations which make life in much less salty waters more hospitable.

The Ooflian Poopenblade is easily identified for its widened blades, shaped as to maximize photosynthetic area in the murky freshwater environments it inhabits. Having recently diverged from marine flora, this poralp still requires considerable salts to maintain osmoregulatory balance, although less so than the ancestral Greater Poralp Tree. To acclimate better to freshwater, its vacuoles have become notably smaller, ensuring its cells do not take in too much water and become hypertonic.

Like the Ooflian Poopenblade’s cousin, the Cubican Marginalp, its holdfasts affix it to the substrate and draw up nutrients. Its populations thrive best when said nutrients are readily accessible. Under the right conditions (e.g. sometime after a notable flood), a poralp may expel spores into the water column, and thus travel down fast-flowing river currents for suitable patches of substrate to settle in. The same can be applied to severed blades propagating far from their parent flora.

With their photosynthetic activities growing with their population numbers, patches of Ooflian Poopenblade are poised to become crucial components of Oofle’s early freshwater ecosystems - oxygenating the surrounding water for more demanding biota to thrive in.

The Ooflian Poopenblade makes for a neat, somewhat low-maintenance ornamental aquarium flora.