Oof mamal

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Oof mamal is a new species of mamal that inhabits oofle. they are now many horrible colors in order to camouflage with the garish assortment of flora around them, resulting in them looking like a weasel painted by a 7 year old. they also have robot-looking teeth to chew good because they are omnivores. they LOVE to eat mushrooms but they also eat many """animals""" above 10 centimeters. their gamma ray death beam now has 7 lenses and shoots multiple small beams like a shotgun. it mainly uses this for defense although since skroungers are quite hard to wrangle it regularly shoots them. they also turned their hooks into hooves to run better. its stalk eye faces slightly backwards now to watch out for predators. Due to these many adaptations they replace the radfting mamal within their range.