Some Oblilaurens became smarter and smarter over time, and have also became more complex in their emotions, more mobile structures around their face and on their back wings being present to allow this. These individuals also have generally larger limbs in proportion to the rest of their body, and are far smaller than their ancestor, as the need for a colossal size was diminished by the invention of weapons and farming. The Omega Oblilauren, as they are called, have become a true sophont, and despite their curiosity for the world around them, never try leaving the Void Belt, believing nothing good is out there. The forked tips of their top and bottom fins have also developed into grasping structures, similar to their aquatic relatives, which at this time, the only individuals who find out about them die without being able to pass on this information to others of their kind. They construct small villages capable of supporting several families on Void Schattolaurens. These are a combination of dug out leaves, unnaturally grown Mound Ureust, and oddly enough, the silk of Vandalauren Workers that they have managed to form a sort of truce with, helping them construct and protect houses, and receive food and protection of their own. This bond between two species has resulted in Omega Oblilauren treating Vandalaurens with respect, and have even appeared in some of their religion and mythology.

Though, not all Omega Oblilauren live near Vandalaurens, so they instead either live in the same abandoned nests their ancestors did, or try making their own houses within the flesh of Void Schattolaurens using tools they have constructed. To make their tools, they use dried out parts of Ureust colonies and their descendant as a base, and attach some kind of object to it, the shape affecting use. They will use the sun to try drying out Ureust for tool making, and know that rocks can be sharpened into various, more versetile forms. they dislike herbivores being near their homes, especially Sunlight Worms, and will try warding them off as soon as one is spotted. Many groups still hunt and forage for food, though some have figured out that they could just cultivate their own food, making areas for large colonies of Mounding Ureust and Void Schattolauren leaves to grow and be harvested to feed everyone. They will also try defending these flora, often looking to make sure nothing has gotten to them, and scaring off any Sunlight Worms that come too close. They also sometimes eat those orange globs made by Void Schattolaurens, and are in fact quite a common food item amongst their species.

They are still fascinated by the structures formed by Nanosophonts, though still do not know their creators exist, and create stories, myths, and legends to explain their existence, some even believing they are religious in nature and are linked to some divine figure. Both sides of their arms are now covered in muscular pads for gripping objects. Juveniles are very carefree in populations with houses and bonds with Vandalaurens, and need to be watched over more by their parents than their ancestor. Their cocoon stage posesses a piercing eye, oddly enough, allowing it to still see, despite this not being very useful in this state.