Oh No Bruh

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Within the water ways of Dingus, a population of Serrated Grabbruhs entered an environment where predators were relatively scarce and there were an abundance of microbes and small fauna to feed upon. This lead to them rapidly growing in size and becoming giants of their kind, known as the Oh No Bruhs. Of course, the background radiation found in the water ways presented a problem, so the Oh No Bruhs incorporated lead into their cellular membrane to resist the radiation. Much like their ancestors, the Oh No Bruhs have spines on their mobile nose-appendages to help tear apart prey into small pieces, but they have developed them in several ways that have made them even more efficient. The first and most obvious one was the additional amounts of spines to help tear up the prey items, but the Oh No Bruhs have also incorporated high amounts of lead into the spines and thus giving them extra strength and durability. This adaptation has allowed the Oh No Bruhs to tackle much bigger than themselves such as Dingusian Jello-Fishes or young Emerald Scrimpes and easily kill the local microbes they manage to catch, including one another. The large cillia around the edges of the cell still help with movement, but the edges of the cell membrane has also elongated into a fin-like structure not unlike a multicellular cuttlefish. With this sort of "fin-skirt", the Oh No Bruhs can move much more quickly by beating it back and forth for more rapid acceleration while not sacrificing mobility. Like other Grabbruhs, they also tuck in their prehensile noses to reduce drag. After tearing its prey apart with it many noses, the Oh No Bruhs will then eat the food with its teeth. The photoreceptors still help track down its victims as well as watch out for the few other predators in the ecosystem such as predatory Dual-Eyed Wigglers and other Oh No Bruhs.