The Void Belt is very diverse at this point, though still with some holes that could be filled, though that is both is and what is not going on here with the Oblilauren, a highly social, tiny descendant of the Swarming Void Schattolauren. They may be tiny, though they are also surprisingly inteligent, being close to that of some very old Vandalauren hives, which this in combination with their high numbers and social behavior make up for their size. They are very curious creatures, despite being fearful of many things that could kill them, or just creep them out for no reason, such as varios parasites. They don't have any sharp fins, the ability to produce silk, or any other natural weapons for that matter, but they have a combination of speed, intelligence, and the ability to communicate amongst themselves, and even some other species on their hands. Their arm-tentacles are very muscular and have suction pads on them that could be used for grabbing objects, though these are only on one side and do not extend onto the light strips, so they tend to use the tip of each fin, and their pads to grab and manipulate stuff. They can use basic weapons, such as tough debris drifting, their entire body, and even things from other creatures, which gives them a quite diverse, yet limited array of choices when fight or flight takes over. They often use abandoned Nesting Schattolauren nests as homes, and may even store food and objects that catch their interest in there.

As they are very social, they communicate with one another a lot, be it simple conversations about random things, giving out information, or forming plans about how to do things, which this is part of how they survive. They live in families of up to 12 individuals, younger ones occasionally heading out on their own for whatever reason, and due to this, there are many different groups across the Void Belt, though they are not particularly aggressive towards each other. In fact, if something bad happens to one family, a couple of them may try feeling to notify other families so that they may prepare if it comes their way. They love corpses, not just for food, but also because it further fuels their curiosity of their world, as it gives them the ability to look at organisms that would otherwise try killing them, or just look at what lies within them as they devour its body. They also love shiny and/or bizarre objects, often collecting objects made by Nanosophonts, tough structures from dead organisms, natural or not, or just shiny rocks floating about. They have four fleshy structures on their sides, just in front of their fins, which allows them to express emotions to a certain extent, which helps when communicating with others of their own species. They are omnivorous, eating both fauna and flora, and tend to forage for food in groups. They usually either go for Mounding Ureust, Void Schattolauren leaves and globs, or just dead matter floating around, full on corpses or not, when not in the mood for hunting. Otherwise, they like surrounding prey and capturing them with their arms, possibly incapacitating them with either their own body or other objects, before taking it to their nest for everyone to eat.

Oddly enough, juveniles look a lot like Reaper Schattolaurens, just smaller and with differet patterns, the most noticeable difference other than the size being used by more mature individuals to tell them apart are dark red patterns on their latter fins. Juveniles in families usually remain in the nest, feeding off whatever their adoptive relatives give, and oddly enough, when it comes to their cocoon stage, they will form a cocoon not connected to any surfaces, looking like a sphere of black silk. They are still sentient in this state, unlike their ancestors, and react to external stimuli by either squirming or pulsating a bit.