Obligatory Bioluminescent Microbes

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The Cosmopolitodurus - an obscure, inconspicuous cousin of the radfauna and wigglers - has never been a significant presence in the biosphere of 2s2tworld, especially compared to the great diversity of their multicellular relatives. This seemed to remain the case until very recently, as once species diverged to become the Obligatory Bioluminescent Microbes.

Common in the darkened seas of 2s2tworld, the Obligatory Bioluminescent Microbes are so named for their ability to emit a brief luminescence as a byproduct of fusiotrophic mechanisms. While predominantly fusiotrophic, these organisms may also consume organic particles and smaller microbes to maintain themselves with. Due to their miniscule size, they impose a negligible presence in increasing the background radiation of their range.

It is difficult to identify the many hundreds of OBM species on 2s2tworld, but certain trends can still be noted. Many species are free-floating, whereas some prefer to cover surfaces in dense film. Some species are found in the nighttime shallows, while others as far deep as the lowest reaches of The Deep Fucking Trench. Their diversity is at their greatest in the depths and coastlines surrounding Dingus and HRI. As their vital reactions require a considerable proportion of electronegative salts, they are surprisingly absent in freshwater systems.