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For miles on end, the only largeish flora found in the interior of Dingus are the Piss Bushes, blotting the ground with splotches of urea gold, and that seemed to be the case until one of those weird urinal cake mosses spawned a few aberrant offspring. Prolific aberrant offspring. These weirdo flora would hereby be referred to as Nomherbs, paralleling the distantly-related Nomweeds of Oofle.

Like their Ooflian cousins, the Nomherb is innovative in becoming a vascular plant - complete with a sturdy stem and a network of canals transporting sugars produced by photosynthesis, and water and soil nutrients drawn up from its roots. Unlike their Ooflian cousins, they lack a heart-like organ for pumping said essentials, and must instead employ the capillary action of water to nourish its higher portions. Another significant difference is its ability to house nitrogen-fixing Asshole Cells in its roots, being able to break down soil for ease of accessing nutrients.

Reproduction is still carried out by way of runners where space and nutrients are plenty, but as for the Nomherbs’ spores, that is now performed sexually, ensuring greater genetic diversity and rates of mutation.

With these traits combined, the Piss Bushes’ dominance of inland Dingus will immediately be met with pisscake-blue vengeance.