Nightreaper Piss Plant

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With the diversification of pissflora on Cube, the local Piss plants began to feel intense competition for space and so some groups took a unique approach to make a living, by feeding directly on the pissflora themselves. This would give rise to the Nightreaper Piss Plants, who fill two very different niches depending on when it is day or night. During the day, the Nightreaper Piss Plants will have their wings outstretched to gather sunlight for photosynthesis, while their root systems are planted in the sediment. In this state, the Nightreaper Piss Plants are in a state of torpor, only actively moving around if they are disturbed by another organism or some sort of event. It is not until they feel the cold night brings that they begin to stir. When they do wake up, they will uproot themselves and take off, using their primitive calcified skeleton as both support and as attachment points for muscles. Nightreaper Piss Plants will use chemoreceptive feathers around their beak to navigate at night, since they completely lack eyes. When they find a species of pissflora, they will grab onto it with calcified claws derived from certain feathers on the wings and use their hooked bill to rip off chunks to then be swallowed. If they come across a Green pissbug burrowing within the piss flora, the Nightreaper Piss Plant will also eat it as well for extra nutrients. Once they feel the warmth of day light returning, the Nightreaper Piss Plants will return to the ground and replant themselves, going back into a state of torpor as they revert back into being harmless photosynthetic producers.