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The Necrothrasher is a surprisingly ordinary nostalgia at first glance, snuffling about on the ground for whatever it can find without competing with the local herbivores. Its only surprising feature are the rows of serrated spikes running along its body; however, it does not seem to use these in everyday defense and seems quite defenseless at first glance. Standing out boldly with its bright red eyepatch. However, the Necrothrasher isn’t named so weirdly for no reason, and it has a nasty trick up its sleeve from beyond the grave.

Since the dominant carnivores on Kamm have ranged weapons, conventional defenses tend to be, for lack of a better word, useless. The Necrothrasher’s defense is far from conventional. Not only is its nervous system surprisingly resistant to Oxygen and nutrient deprivation, allowing it to fire off for quite a while after death, but its muscles are particularly prone to firing off at the slightest exposure to salty compounds (indeed even while alive Necrothrashers tend to thrash violently when disturbed when their muscles activate). combined with its serrated spines, this means that when a clongid shoots it and attempts to digest it, the dangerously sharp spines are flailed about every-which-way, often slicing up the predator pretty badly. while the lesson usually isn’t too fatal unless the individual bleeds out, they learn a valuable lesson, at least after a few tries: Necrothrashers always will get back at you. And thus, by committing felonies against the conventionalities of nature, the Necrothrasher has carved a niche out for itself in an increasingly dangerous Kamm.

Due to competition with the Necrothrasher, the nostalgia has declined on Kamm, though it still survives.