Due to atavism and stuff a group of Nostalgitee got teeth again. Instead of using it for something like chewing related manners they instead elongated two into tusks and ditched the rest. This gives them 2 stabbing appendages on the end of their now enlarged fleshy snout. They use these to settle arguments because they can never come to a conclusion, they also use them to scrape off their food from surfaces to make it easier to eat. Yet another use of these large tusks is to prop up their heads to better look out for predators. They have become much larger than their ancestors for both protection and for warmth. They have large amounts of fat for these same 2 reasons of protection from danger and warmth. They also realized that this red stuff (legocells) was literally everywhere in the ocean and not much was eating them, so they snack on that from time to time. When it comes to matters such as breeding they haven't changed much from their ancestor. They will simply give birth to a slightly larger calf, not caring much if it is born on land or in water.